Valuation and Fairness Opinions

Companies require independent assessments of their worth for a variety of reasons, including going public, merging with a partner, acquiring a business, redeeming shareholders' interests, determining tax liabilities, structuring ESOPs and reorganizing family owned businesses.

The Firm's professionals are experts in traditional valuation methodologies. Our knowledge of current industry valuation trends allows for the crucial exercise of judgment with respect to timing, structure and company characteristics that have significant impact on valuation. This knowledge and industry expertise allows us to combine the intangible drivers of value with quantitative valuation techniques to more accurately assess and determine a company's value.

In addition, Blue Beacon Capital assists business owners, Boards of Directors, investors, trustees and other corporate and organizational leaders in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by providing unbiased opinions about the financial fairness of pending transactions. Our comprehensive analysis, including thorough assessments of proposed transactions as well as alternatives, allows clients to make informed decisions in the interests of their constituencies. A timely, independent valuation analysis provides comfort to fiduciaries that they have adequately considered the proposed transaction as well as potential alternatives.